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Angelina Jolie might be returning to Malta

(from THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, by Tatiana Siegel, 7:23 AM PDT 6/10/2016 )

Angelina Jolie in Talks to Star in ‘Murder on the Orient Express’

#Angelina Jolie is in talks to star in Kenneth Branagh’s mystery ensemble Murder on the Orient Express, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

If a deal is closed, Jolie would play Mrs. Harriet Hubbard, a role once played by Lauren Bacall in the oft-made adaptation.

The Fox film based on Agatha Christie’s classic mystery has been in the works for years (the deal to secure the rights with the Christie estate was seven years in the making). Shooting is expected to begin in November in London and then move to #Malta.

The story centers on special detective Hercule Poirot, who boards a train from Jerusalem to Europe only to have a murder committed in the car next to his during a snowstorm. Poirot tries to discover the murderer or murderers before there’s another victim.

Sidney Lumet tackled perhaps the best-known adaption of the book, considered to be one of Christie’s greatest, in 1974 for Paramount. Albert Finney starred in that version as Poirot, while Ingrid Bergman, Bacall and Sean Connery were among the passengers/suspects.

Michael Green (Green Lantern) wrote the latest screenplay.

Branagh is producing alongside Ridley Scott, Simon Kinberg and Mark Gordon. Aditya Sood and Michael Schaefer are executive producing.

Fox has dated the film for Nov. 22, 2017.

As a tentpole actress, Jolie remains one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars. But she has spent much of the past several years focusing on her directing career, tackling such films as Unbroken and By the Sea, in which she also starred opposite her husband Brad Pitt. She most recently helmed the upcoming documentary First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers for Netflix.

She is repped by UTA and Media Talent Group.


Society for Scale Modellers 35th Annual Scale Model Exhibition 2016

History in scale at the Malta Maritime Museum:
The 35th edition of the annual exhibition by members of the Society for Scale Modellers (SSM) was held between the 10th February and 14th of February 2016, at the Vittoriosa Waterfront’s Malta Maritime Museum.
Models of civil and military aircraft, cars, trucks and motorbikes, armoured vehicles and various classes of ships all from different eras and scenarios, were on display. A section dedicated to figurines was also set up.
Many of these models had won awards and placed well in international events, some as recent as 2015. These models are veritable works of art and are obviously finished to the highest possible standards, testimony of the capability of Maltese modellers.
As Malta’s representatives of the International Plastic Modellers Society (IPMS), the SSM has been promoting scale modelling in Malta for these past 34 years and has, locally and internationally, become synonymous with the high standards in model making of its members. In its continued effort to ensure that this expression of art remains popular, the SSM strives to introduce youngsters to the hobby by means of its exhibitions, workshops and courses in scale modelling.
Visitors to this year’s exhibition were also be able to follow the process of model construction as members of the society were working in real-time on models at work-stations set up purposely for the spectators’ benefit. IPMS Malta enjoys a very high ranking in international modelling quality and consequently, both finished and work in progress models are guaranteed to be of the highest levels.
Those wishing to obtain more information can visit the Society’s website at www.ipmsmalta.com.
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Call for enlistment of volunteer reserves in the Armed Forces

Call for enlistment of volunteer reserves in the Armed Forces 

The Armed Forces of Malta invite applications for the enlistment of reservists to serve in the Volunteer Reserve Force of the AFM. 


In line with a recent Act passed in Parliament, the parameters of reservists have been extended from Emergency Volunteers to a Volunteer Reserve Force. This amendment in legislation provides the possibility for reserves to be called for duty at the discretion of the Commander of the Armed Forces. Prior to this amendment, the reserves could only be summoned by a Presidential call during times of national emergency.


Minister for Home Affairs Carmelo Abela, notes that this call for volunteers is a budgetary measure aimed at strengthening the role of the volunteers in the AFM. He points out that following the selection process, around 35 successful applicants would be recruited as reserve soldiers. 


The Commander of the Armed Forces of Malta, Brigadier Jeffrey Curmi, informs that recruits who successfully complete the initial training phase will be confirmed in the rank of Gunners in the Volunteer Reserve Force. They shall be expected to be called out in case of national missions to be accomplished, with one of the main Units within the AFM. These might include, amongst others, land, air and sea missions.  


Following the legal amendments, Reservists may now be called by the Commander to participate and assist the Regular Force in any national mission or other task. Reservists shall be posted to various Units according to the exigencies of the Service, upon successful completion of the initial training phase. Training shall consist of specialised skills training which may also include on-the-job training.
Application forms may be collected from the AFM Recruiting Office, Luqa Barracks, Ħal Luqa, from Monday, 22nd February, 2016 to Friday, 4th March, 2016 between 8.00 a.m. and noon and from 1.30 p.m. to 4.00 p.m.


The selection process will consist of three parts; physical efficiency test, interview and medical examination.


Further details can be attained from the following link:




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My year 2015’s blogging in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,900 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 48 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Call for Entries to 16th China International Photographic Art Exhibition


Call for Entries to 16th China International Photographic Art Exhibition

Please check: http://cipae.cpph.com/En/

The China International Photographic Art Exhibition (CIPAE), which is organized by the China Photographers Association (CPA), is the largest photographic competition and exhibition in China with the longest history, the most extensive international influence and the largest number of participants from home and abroad. Launched with the approval of the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China in 1981, the exhibition takes place every two years. The 15 exhibitions held so far have received over 430,000 entries submitted by about 70,000 photographers from more than 100 countries and regions.

The 16th CIPAE will be held in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China, in April 2016. The exhibition aims to showcase the achievements countries have made in photography over recent years and display the useful attempts and practices of photographers around the world in different categories of photography, thus promoting the exchange, integration and development of photographic cultures of all countries. With the development of science and technology of the world and the expansion of people’s knowledge of photographic art, the exhibition this year has unique features in terms of entries collection, awards, etc.

Photographic groups, veteran and young photographers, and photography lovers from all walks of life and in all corners of the world are welcome to submit their works to this competition.

I. Date:

Deadline: Dec. 1, 2015

Appraisal date: Dec. 2015

Result announcement date: Jan. 2016

Exhibition date: Apr. 2016

Date of delivery of awards (medals, certificates, prize, etc.): the end of May 2016

II. Organization

Sponsors: China Photographers Association

Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government

Organizers: International Department, China Photographers Association

Publicity Department, Zhengzhou Municipal Committee

Zhengzhou Federation of Literary and Art Circles

III. Rules
1. Entry submission: Please log on the CPA homepage (www.cpanet.org.cn), enter the English page, click “16th China International Photographic Art Exhibition” for registration, filling in all required information, and uploading your works by following online instructions. Or you may directly send your email to: gjbcpa@cpanet.cn, with the document name in the form of “country + name of the photographer + title of the works”. Only digital photos in JPEG format with the longest side of 1024 pixels will be accepted.

2. Categories: The exhibition is divided into themed and non-themed categories. Photos submitted under the themed category must carry the theme of “Children” (documentary works ONLY), while non-themed categories shall include documentary, art and commercial photos. Each participant may choose one or more categories, but any entry should not be submitted into more than one category. Both single photo and series are acceptable. The number of photos in each series should be limited to 4 – 12.

3. No entry fee will be charged for participation in the exhibition.

4. The exhibition does not accept awarded and selected works of previous CIPAEs.

5. Participants should make sure that they have finished their entries independently, and that they possess independent, complete, explicit, and non-controversial copyright on their works; they should also warrant that their works do not infringe upon any other person’s legitimate rights, including copyright, portrait right, reputation right and right to privacy.

6. Contents of raw images should not be added or deleted for works under the “Children” category and documentary category. In the post production, appropriate adjustment of chiaroscuro andtone should not result in distortion of objective and true attributes of the subject. A colorful photocan be totally (should not be partially) converted to a black-and-white photo (or a monochrome photo). Caption (100 words or less, including time, place and key points of an event) is required for each work/series, except for the title.

7. All or part of images of any other person should not be used for all entries by any technology or method. The participant should be legally liable for any dispute resulting from violation of the foregoing.

8. Statement: In case of copyright disputes and other serious violations of the rules, the organizing committee should disqualify the participants in question and withdraw all misplaced medals, prizes, certificates, ribbons, etc.

9. Note: The raw image files (original digital data or negatives) of the selected works under “Children” and documentary categories should be submitted to the organizing committee within the specified time for authentication by experts, production of exhibition photos, etc., so as to prove the authenticity of the works, and thereafter, such negatives should be returned. The raw images should be taken by the photographers themselves with equipment of photo-taking functions, such as cameras, mobile phones, and tablet PCs. The raw images should contain complete raw data about the model of equipment, shooting time and all relevant parameters, and should not be processed by any software. Failure to submit the required raw images within the specified time should be deemed giving up the candidacy.

10. With the sole act of submitting his/her images or files to a salon under FIAP Patronage, the entrant accepts without exception and with no objection that the submitted images can be investigated by FIAP to establish if these obey to FIAP regulations and definitions even if the entrant is not a member of FIAP;  that FIAP will use any means at its disposal for this undertaking; that any refusal to cooperate with FIAP or any refusal to submit the original files as captured by the camera, or failure to provide sufficient evidence, will be sanctioned by FIAP and that in case of sanctions following the non compliance with FIAP regulations, the name of the entrant will be released in any form useful to inform the breaches of the rules. It is recommended to leave the EXIF data in the submitted files intact in order to ease eventual investigations.

IV. Awards

The awards of the exhibition include the China Photographers Association Medal (CPA Medal) and the International Federation of Photographic Art Medal (FIAP Medal).

1. “Children” category

Gold Medal Award: 2 winners; each with a prize of RMB 50,000 (before tax), a CPA medal, a FIAP medal and a certificate;

Silver Medal Award: 4 winners; each with a CPA medal and a certificate;

Bronze Medal Award: 6 winners; each with a CPA medal and a certificate;

Excellence Award: 20 winners; each with a CPA ribbon and a certificate;

The aforesaid selected and awarded works total 150 and certificates will be granted to the corresponding photographers.

2. Non-themed categories

(1) Documentary

Gold Medal Award: 2 winners; each with a prize of RMB 20,000 (before tax), a CPA medal, a FIAP medal and a certificate

Silver Medal Award: 4 winners; each with a CPA medal and a certificate

Bronze Medal Award: 6 winners; each with a CPA medal and a certificate

Excellence Award: 20 winners; each with a CPA ribbon and a certificate.

(2) Art

Gold Medal Award: 2 winners; each with a prize of RMB 20,000 (before tax), a FIAP medal and a certificate

Silver Medal Award: 4 winners; each with a FIAP medal and a certificate

Bronze Medal Award: 6 winners; each with a FIAP medal and a certificate

Excellence Award: 20 winners; each with a FIAP ribbon and a certificate

(3) Commercial

Gold Medal Award: 2 winners; each with a prize of RMB 20,000 (before tax), a FIAP medal and a certificate

Silver Medal Award: 4 winners; each with a FIAP medal and a certificate

Bronze Medal Award: 6 winners; each with a FIAP medal and a certificate

Excellence Award: 20 winners; each with a FIAP ribbon and a certificate

The aforesaid selected and awarded works total 500 and the corresponding photographers should be granted certificates.

3. Recommender Award: multiple winners. The recommender is entitled to a prize of RMB 10,000 (before tax) and a certificate if the work recommended by him/her wins a Gold Medal in the competition.

Professionals such as curators and photo editors are encouraged to recommend high-quality photographic works to the competition. A recommender is entitled to the “Outstanding Recommender” certificate if the work recommended by him/her wins a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal in the competition. Please log on the CPA homepage (www.cpanet.org.cn), click “16th China International Photographic Art Exhibition,” and enter the Recommendation section for registration and recommendation.

The recommenders should seek prior consent of the photographers before recommendation. No recommendation should be accepted on works already submitted. Where an entry is submitted repeatedly, only the entry submitted by the photographer should be deemed a valid entry.

4. Outstanding Organization Award: 10 winners

Organizations and individuals with a significant contribution to the exhibition should be granted the Outstanding Organization Award.

The organizing committee may adjust the award arrangement in light of the actual situation. In case of cancelation of an award or disqualification for such reasons as violation of rules, no replacement should be made to fill the vacancy in award winners list.

V. Category Description

1. “Children” category refers to documentary works taken after 2000, which show the living conditions of Children around the world in a genuine, comprehensive and objective fashion, in the hopeof calling the attention of the public, government and media to children’s growth through photography.

2. Documentary category refers to the works that objectively record social life, ecological environment and folkways. Photos in this category include news photography, photography for special reports, social documentary photography as well as nature documentary photography.

3. Art category refers to the works that give expression to esthetic sentiments and emotions. Its subject matters include cultural landscape, folkways, figures, inanimate subjects, animals and plants. This category also covers creative, conceptual and experimental photography, without restriction on the artistic technique.

4. Commercial category refers to those works aimed at promoting a product, a concept of service or a way of consumption. Its subject matters include but are not limited to advertising, studio portraits, fashion shows and urban buildings, without restriction on the artistic technique.

VI. Appraisal

The organizing committee will form an expert team consisting of several famous photography experts from home and abroad, so as to carry out fair and impartial appraisals of all submitted entries that comply with the rules provided in this notice.

VII. Relevant Matters

1. The awarded and selected works of this exhibition constitute one of the qualifications for the photographers to apply for FIAP distinction.

2. The appraisal and selection results will be made public on the CPA website and other CPA-affiliated media organizations in Jan. 2016.

3. Winners of the Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals and their recommenders, and winners of the Outstanding Organization Award will be invited by the organizing committee to the opening ceremony of the exhibition and to carry out a one-week source material collection in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China in April 2016. The organizing committee will cover board and lodging expenses and transportation expenses of the participants during their stay in Zhengzhou. The cost of travel from and back to the invitee’s place of residence is borne by him/her.

4. Each participant will receive an e-catalogue of this exhibition.

5. The organizing committee is entitled to displaying relevant entries to this exhibition on the CPA website, and use the awarded and selected works in the exhibitions, yearbooks, catalogues, art books, CDs as well as media promotion and other online or offline activities free of charge.

6. The participants who have submitted their works should be deemed agreeing to all the rules provided in this notice. The appraisal committee has the right to reject any work that fails to comply with these rules.

7. The organizing committee reserves the right of final interpretation on this notice and all matters in relation to the exhibition.

VII. Address of the Organizing Committee

China Photographers Association, 48 Dongsi Shi’ertiao, Dongcheng District, Beijing, People’s Republic of China (Please mark “International Photographic Art Exhibition”)

Postal code: 100007

Tel/fax: 0086-10-65255117, 0086-10-65141380

Contact persons: Zhou Jing and He Shan

VIII. Relevant Statements

This exhibition will further increase the level of opening and integration to the outside world for Chinese photography art, scout for and cultivate photographic artists, photography art critics and curators with international perspectives at home and abroad and form a market-oriented platform of modern photography in an exploratory manner to make a useful attempt for the development of the industrialization of culture and art in China.

The strategy to jointly build the “Silk Road Economic Belt” and the “21st Century Maritime Silk Road” (hereinafter referred to as “One Belt and One Road”) has drawn high attention of the international community since it is proposed. The building of “One Belt and One Road” can help promote the economic prosperity of the countries along the Belt and Road and regional economic cooperation, strengthen exchanges and mutual learning between different civilizations, and promote world peace and development. “One Belt and One Road” is not only a carrier of regional economic cooperation, but also a bridge for integration and exchange of Chinese and Western arts andculture.

With unique geographical location and convenient transportation system, Zhengzhou is an important economic development region to strengthen infrastructure connectivity with China’s neighbors, simplify customs clearance procedures and build international logistics gateways for “One Belt and One Road”. Meanwhile, Zhengzhou is also a city featuring the inheritance of historic context. Itis the territory of central plains culture and also the origin of Eastern culture.

With the trend of globalization today, Chinese photography art is confronted with opportunities and challenges from tradition and contemporary era, East and West, and society and individuals. We are trying to make arts cross over racial and national boundaries, to break down the exchange barrier with lens language, to have Eastern culture known to the world, and to achieve the integration of Eastern and Western civilizations here.

Today, let’s start from Zhengzhou, the origin place of Eastern civilization ……
Registration Form, please check DOWNLOAD

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Provision of Photographic Services of EU Funded Projects and Events

The Director General, Planning and Priorities Co-ordination Division, notifies that electronic tenders in respect of the following notice will be received up to 09:30am CET of Tuesday, 10th November 2015. Tenders are to be submitted online ONLY on: (http://www.etenders.gov.mt​t).
Advert No MEAIM/PPCD/048/2015: Period Contract for the Provision of Photographic Services of EU Funded Projects and Events
Tender documents are only obtainable from the Electronic Public Procurement System (http://www.etenders.gov.mt​). Registration is required in order to submit offers: Maltese economic operators need to be in possession of their Organisation e-ID in order to log into this website. More information is available from the FAQ Section of the same website.

Economic operators interested in participating in these current calls for tender are urged to take note of the workshops being organised by the Department of Contracts. During these workshops, simulations will be carried out so that economic operators familiarise themselves with compiling and submitting their tender online. More information is available in the tender document. These workshops are ONLY intended to economic operators that intend to submit an offer for these tenders. 

This tender is part-financed by the European Union.​

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THE TOWER OF BABEL ( or The Collapse of Modern European Empire)

(originally published by the author in the Malta Independent on 13 November 2012 )

The Collapse of Modern European Empire.
The European Union is today floating in stormy ocean . The European dream is terminating as the realisation of reality is fast approaching. I am not a euro sceptic, on the contrary I feel I am a true European Knight of a new order, wishing that my article inspires or generates some discussion leading to the salvation of this chronically sick empire. I will try today, utilising my direct contact with European Institutions develop my concept of what I see leading to the collapse of the European Union. If I could refer to a childhood bedtime story, I would compare the European union today as a babel tower. A building so high that people inside feel themselves as mini gods (Brussels). They are so disengaged from the real world outside. They live a lavish life touring europe and the world, meeting each other brandishing PowerPoint presentations and attending receptions. They generate useless paperwork and theoretic processes contrary to what common sense dictates. They design laws from their glass houses in Brussels and other places, that make utter no sense when they are tried to be implemented in the field. The babel tower continues to get complicated as twenty seven languages and the same number of cultures are used in these corridors. Absolute confusion that blows my mind away even by just thinking of this mess.

The babel tower leads me to discuss the topic of Arrogance of the Institutions that govern the EU.
The European union has created so many institutions and agencies as a reaction to a need but these agencies did not address the need they were created for. Sometimes I have a feeling that whoever came up with setting up these agencies was copying the soviet institutions. Agencies today are top heavy with no experience at all. The person working in these agencies are selected by university qualifications and are null in real life. Obviously in such institutions the salaries and perks are so huge that this immediately blows up the ego of these Eurocrats. These glorified clerks work in the following way. They are good planners indeed. They plan their Christmas holidays from 15 December to 5 January. Then comes the skiing holiday from 1 February for 7 days. Then ten days in Easter, one month in Summer and a short break in October. This is not enough, they attend 2 to three conferences per month plus a days meeting out of town once per week as a minimum. So tell me, how can the need that these institutions that were created to adddress a problem ever function? Their computer email is always set at out of office mode and everyone is a ghost. Try to call anyone in any office and check out your chances. Try as a citizen to connect with any organ of the eu. you will get lost in computerised robots.

Financial collapse

It is not any secret that Europe is financially collapsed. Why did this crisis happen? WHY? And why is Germany such a European Robin Hood trying to bail out every country that is is crisis?
Let us take the Greek example. Greece passed through 20 years of living the European Dream with its politicians becoming fat and corrupt. This is a known fact although austerity hits the Greek peoples while the thieves are still at large. Where did the money Greece took from the EU go. Well back into the German Companies that managed to be partners of this corruption. This is why the Germans bail Greece out continuously because the money is not ending in Greek pockets in general but it is shared between Greek Politicians and German industrialists. This says it all. on top of this comes the failed idea of the euro. prior to the euro each country had the power to adjust its currency to the inflation. obviously with Germany in the game, Germany is a strong economical power and no other country can keep up with it. this too will reach a breaking point as soon enough there will be no cash to buy any more not even from Germany.

The Corruption that is breeding from within.

The next topic of my discussion highlights the corruption that is now rampant within the EU. I will explain some examples. The EU commission decides to budget an amount of hundred of thousands or even millions of euros for projects. Ok how is this money spent and by whom? Aha simple, the project managers that are given the task to spend the money are usually coming from the same country where the products are bought. What a surprise? So how do the industrialists via their country governments ensure that they get their money? They inject their men and women into the EU institutions. It would be interesting to take a cross sample of all EU institutions to see which countries have dominated demographically these institutions. I know the answer. Obviously the money given to these institutions is going back to countries with big industrial interests. Another example of corruption lies in the selection of headship positions in most eu institutions. Job vacancies are tailor made to the perfect description of the person selected to be in the institution prior to the actual launch of the job vacancy. And all is pretended to be made in a transparent way! I will not whistle blow examples in my first article but please do watch this space!

The loss of values and faith.

The next topic is the loss of faith across the board. Institutions in europe talk of values but unfortunately there are no more values left. Family breakdowns, extra martial relationships, children being born out of solidly bonded wedlocks is the order of the day. Most personnel working for eu institution leave their families at home and before they know it their new girlfriends are pregnant. Results show that not only we are living a true example of a Babel Tower but something similar to Biblical and Quranic Sodoma and Gamorrah. How long can this be sustainable? The smallest unit of society, the family is breaking up. If such units are breaking up how can there be cohesion amongst teams, institutions, governments or entire nations making up the union? Religious values that dominated Europe in the past are reaching the lowest ebb of the tide ever. Religions that might have had their failures too acted on the cohesion of the family unit. Today not getting married and not having a family is more favoured than otherwise. Result: Europe is a dying empire. Finally today it is better to declare that you are an atheist, a divorced, an animal lover or gay than saying that you are a believer of God.

The factor 27.

Another contributing factor to the collapse of the european union is the factor 27. The EU is made up of 27 different countries with 27 different languages and 27 different cultures. These differences of cultures are so immense that heads of countries need to communicate via interpreters. A complete Babel. they can not understand each other linguistically or culturally.

The Big Brother syndrome.

Germany, loser of both world wars, strikes again. This time trying to build its fourth reich through financial controlling the universe. following world war two, Germany rebuilt its economy by the support of the US Marshal Aid. today, Germany occupies a unique position, it has a strong industrial power and total control of the EU. It plays the role of big brother making rude statements about any country without any form of prudence. it’s prime minister tours around europe as if she has the god’s mission to germanise Europe. Prime examples are across the board, from scolding Greece for its financial situation, telling France to toe the line with German policies and United Kingdom to forget the idea of leaving the union otherwise it will have to face isolation. Democracy is eroding, no longer do european peoples elect their voices to represent them but all governments are interested in the Brussels musical chair game of using tax payers money to be syphoned into the pockets of a few industrialists supported by the few heavy weight politicians.
Another strategy by Germany is to flood all EU institution with its citizens or German alliances to support its policies as they come straight from home and implement them with robotic obedience, again a Germanic trademark.

The Islamization through illegal immigration. 

A debated subject in Border Countries is the topic of illegal immigration. this is a mixture of a small percentage of refugees fleeing wars (3 to 5%) and the rest (95%) of migrants undergoing totally organized voyages by human smugglers. The attraction of the rich social services north is too attractive a magnetism for such persons. They target to reach countries in Scandinavia, Germany and France and as long as there is an attraction there will be this movement. What is unsung is the fact that this movement of young men in the age bracket of 18 to 28 is a repetition of the demographic Islamisation of the world that already took place one thousand years ago. Europe is too blind to contrast or challenge this, coupled with the fact that the big brother still carries the stigma of the genocide of WW2, thus is welcoming this phenomenon with open arms. Europe is overrun. It is too late already. Cities all around Europe are engulfed by Islamic culture that does not integrate in European society but replicates same attributes found in the middle east. While there is no problem in cross pollination and respect of cultures, the problem lies in possessive behaviour of Islamic persons by asking Europeans to remove crosses from the classrooms as they did in Italy and the mass germination of uncontrolled mosques all around Europe where imams can preach anything without any control. This is not only a religious overrun, as today Europeans are no longer believers let alone religious, the Hawala banking system ensures that European money is sucked and sent to the countries of their origin. And European politicians are sleeping avoiding this topic.

The rise of the extreme Right.

Blind are those who do not see the growth of extreme nationalism and extreme right movements. Greece has elected the golden dawn party in its parliament with the chant of “immigration out”. another example is The massacre at Otoya in Norway last year that expressed the premeditated anger manifested by the killing of 70 innocent children by a fellow Norwegian, just for the sake of making a point. European civilians are today creating pockets of resistances as they feel a need to do something while their PowerPoint and highly corrupt leaders are wasting their time discussing sweet nothing’s in Brussels. Examples are flooding the news even though the media, controlled by same Eurocrats whose priorities are anything other than the preservation of Europe.

The loss of control of the Police Authorities

Another issue worth discussion is the loss of control of policing authorities. I am not blaming the hard working police but I raise here the concern of All court systems that across the board concentrate more on criminal rights demoralising the authorities. Secondly polices are today stepping into their office becoming clerks and the “Bobby out on the beat” scene is slowly disappearing.

Light at the end of the tunnel.

Europe needs to get out of this European leadership vacuum with true men or women who are fair and dedicated and who think more of what service they can give rather than how many digits their personal bank account holds. focus must be given to the unify the family that is seen to rapture in europe where family breakdowns is the order of e day. Phenomenon of bullying by the big brother and it’s allies has to stop. countries that are bullied must rise to defend their position before total submission to the fourth reich takes place. I conclude my first ever article by a question: is there a light at the end of this tunnel? Maybe the time has come for the formation of a new order of knights to regroup and do something tangible in order to save the Empire, our grandfathers have worked hard and even died for. in five years it will be game over.

Major Alexander Dalli, AFM (Retd.)


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MIPP’s Annual Photography Convention, 2015 edition

Held in collaboration with the UK’s Society of Wedding and Portrait Photography (SWPP), this convention brings together MIPP members (along with media and photography students) in a series of forums and workshops which enables them to exchange and learn from several experiences, creativity methods and varied techniques with a number of speakers, local and foreign, who are purposely brought to Malta for this event. The MIPP’s annual convention is the fruit of a 10-year long joint collaboration with the SWPP, which has over 3,000 members.

“This is our eleventh edition,” MIPP President Kevin Casha said, “and it gives convention delegates a whole weekend of photographic knowledge, tuition and enjoyment, whilst encouraging networking with our foreign guests and lecturers, besides amongst the MIPP‘s members themselves and other convention participants.”

During the workshops conducted, those attending will be able to learn and appreciate how foreign photographers work and apply their art and craft. “The committed and serious preparatory efforts that goes into the organization of such an event is considerable, and this year has been no exception,” Charles Calleja said from the convention’s organizing committee, “We strive to make this annual gathering of photographers a valid one as much as possible for all participants.”

Photography panels by contestants for the Institute’s Licentiate, Associate, and Fellow qualifications will also be judged during the convention. Booking requests can be emailed at bookings@mipp-malta.com.

Founded 19 years ago, the MIPP has amongst its over 250 members several students, photography professionals, as well as those who practice or have to heart the art of photography. Also serving as a teaching institution, the MIPP promotes the improvement of technical photographic knowledge and photographers’ professional status and their perception by the public, Photographic Industry operators, whilst achieving and maintaining standards in professional practice and conduct.This it does for the benefit of photography and buyers of photography,so as to safeguard, monitor and deal with matters which affect professional photography.

MIPP CONVENTION PROGRAMME:   (in collaboration with the Societies of UK)

(Program is subject to minor changes).

Saturday 14th Novembervenue: Monte Kristo Estates

08:00             Open registration of  The Annual MIPP/Societies Convention
08:30              Welcome by MIPP President Kevin Casha & and Societies Director Phil Jones
09:00              Inspirational talk and demo – ‘Dynamics for Photographing Glamour’ by Damian McGillicuddy
10:30              Coffee Break
11:00              Inspirational talk and demo – ‘Aiming at Emotions’ by Cristina Venedict
12:15              Lunch and Meet the Sponsors
13:45             Workshop 1- 1st Rotation : Ramon Sammut1/ Cristina Venedict2 / Damian McGillicuddy3
15:15              Judging of the annual MIPP Qualifications
17:15              Close

Sunday 15th November

08:45           Workshop 2- 2nd Rotation : Ramon Sammut/ Cristina Venedict / Damian McGillicuddy
10:15           Coffee Break & Gather for Group Photo
11:00           Workshop 3- 3rd Rotation : Ramon Sammut/ Cristina Venedict / Damian  McGillicuddy
12:30            Lunch
13:45            Analysis of the 3 workshops by our tutors together with editing tips and techniques.
15:15            Ending of the annual MIPP Convention

Venue: Le Meridien Hotel (dress: smart)
19:30             Welcome Drink
20:00             Seated  Awards Dinner

Price for paid up MIPP members is of €75 for seminar two day ticket (excluding Awards dinner).

Non MIPP members pay €90 euros.

Price for single day ticket is of €50 for members and €70 for non members.

Price for Awards Dinner €30 per person.

Bookings and payment arrangements through email at bookings@mipp-malta.com

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